Rick Santorum Can’t Believe Obama Doesn’t Know Exactly When Life Begins, Since He’s Black


For some reason, in former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum’s mind, he has some kind of quantifiable shot at becoming president in 2012. And since he may run for president, the strange things he says are slightly more newsworthy than those of your average subway-platform ranter, yet, still, not that much more important. So, with that in mind, here’s a snippet from an interview the social conservative did with the Christian News Service recently about abortion:

We’ve always found it funny that people on either side of the abortion debate will insist that it’s just so obvious when a human life begins. But anyway, here’s how we think Santorum’s logic is working on this one:

1. White people used to believe that the Constitution shouldn’t recognize blacks as people.
2. Some people currently believe that that the Constitution shouldn’t recognize embryos/fetuses as people.
3. Fully grown black people and embryos/fetuses have faced similar persecution.
4. Black people should be able to empathize with embryos/fetuses.
5. President Obama is black.
6. It is “remarkable” that President Obama does not consider this a person.

Santorum On Obama & Abortion: ‘Almost Remarkable For A Black Man’ To Say We Can Decide Who’s A Person (VIDEO) [TPM]