Sarah Palin Equates Musk Oxen with Family Values


Amid a flurry of politically charged finger-pointing and the perhaps surprising announcement that this might be the show’s only season, the visually rich, family-oriented, fish-abusive Sarah Palin’s Alaska came to a close last night.

Palin seemed to make peace with the fauna of Alaska in the show’s final episode. She doesn’t gun down a wild caribou, but instead spends another episode with Piper exploring the Alaskan wilderness. From kayaking along a melting glacier (“Don’t hit the iceberg, Piper; that’s like the Titanic!”) to making a gold ring for her parents’$2 50th anniversary, this episode was all about family, and Palin drove the point home with a vengeance.

At one point, while out hiking the grassy hills of Alaska, Sarah, Todd, and Piper run into a giant herd of musk ox, a primitive sort of sheep/goat hybrid. Never one to miss an opportunity to use a “protecting our offspring” analogy, Sarah reminisced back to when, during her last day as governor, she used that very analogy to address the members of the Alaskan government.