SEC Charges Four More in Galleon Insider-Trading Case


The charges filed today against New York hedge-fund manager Robert Feinblatt, his analyst Jeffrey Yokuty, and the California tech company employees Sunil K. Bhalla and Shammara Hussain who allegedly gave them $15 million worth of tips brings the tally of people alleged to be involved with the Galleon insider-trading ring to 27. In a statement, SEC enforcement director Robert Khuzami expressed fresh outrage and surprise that people still seem to think they can get away with this crap. “Today’s action reveals disturbingly corrupt arrangements — faithless company executives who secretly pass corporate information to hedge-fund managers willing to violate the law for profit,” he said. “Market participants need to understand that by engaging in such behavior they invite SEC scrutiny, and we will uncover their conduct and take aggressive action.” Consider yourselves on notice, scofflaws! Again!

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