Staten Island Man Sues Facebook for Acting Like Facebook


Mustafa Fteja is suing Facebook for $500,000, after the social-networking site disabled his account. “While the requested service is free, the plaintiff has spent timeless hours creating content and relationships [Facebook] benefited from,” claims his suit, which is asking for both monetary compensation and the restoration of his account.

Fteja says Facebook offered no explanation for the shutdown, and Fteja hasn’t been able to contact his 340 online friends in months. That’s led some of his hundreds of very good buddies to think that he’s purposely defriended them. Fteja’s suit also claims that Facebook’s discrimination is because he’s Muslim. “I lived in a communist country where people had no rights. This looks the same to me,” said Fteja, who is originally from Montenegro.

But there’s good news — for AOL, anyway. Fteja loves AOL! “Facebook should help me. If you have a problem with your AOL login, AOL helps you. Not Facebook.” [NYP]