Forget the Homeless Radio Guy, Actual Hero Is His Ex-Wife


While the rest of the world cooed and melted over the story of Ted Williams's unexpected ascent from homeless man with a talent for radio to viral video sensation and Cleveland Cavaliers announcer, we also sobbed gently into our keyboard remained unmoved. Sure this was an uplifting instance of rare second chances and dreams coming true, but what about other homeless people who aren't blessed with a golden voice? Where is the Internet on that, huh? Now that the Daily News has uncovered the story of Williams's ex-wife, we're glad we saved our worship for the real hero of the story. Not only did Patricia Kirtley raise four daughters alone after Williams ("who seems to be a nice guy," the paper speculates) left his family, but she also took in a baby boy he had with another woman. What's more, she did it all while being partially blind.

It's an all-too-familiar story to the strong members of poor communities — usually women. They are the ones who must provide the backbone, as well as the hugs, for children whose parents get hooked on drugs.

Patricia Kirtley, genuine hero, giver of hugs.

Behind golden-voiced Ted Williams is ex-wife Patricia Kirtley, the story's real hero