The Real Victims of Bloomberg’s War on Snow Are the Children


As five to nine inches of snow menaced its way onto city streets, parked cars, and the furry hoods of winter parkas last night, Mayor Bloomberg played out his redemption song across the five boroughs. Amid reports that Bloomberg’s private plane was spotted in Bermuda during the tsnownami, the Department of Sanitation redoubled its efforts, in some cases plowing areas more than once that were neglected for days after the holiday storm. Although thousands of flights have been canceled by the amoeba-shaped storm, thanks to scout teams patrolling the streets, sending video footage back to City Hall, and 2,400 DOS workers out last night in 300 trucks, cancellations of city buses and subways have yet to be reported, despite residual delays on the 2, 3, 4, 5, B, and D lines. But besides the sweet, blameless snowflakes, the real victims of this brutal war were the children. While public-school students from Massachusetts to Connecticut rejoiced in their God-given right to slack off during a snowstorm, the city’s public-school students have to trudge through uncleared sidewalks to get to class. Our advice to Schools Chancellor Cathie Black, who made the decision at 5 a.m. this morning: You have enough to worry about without getting caught up in Hizzoner’s quest to clear his tanned, tropical name.

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