The Regis Replacement Select-o-Matic


Regis Philbin shocked viewers this week by announcing that this season, his 28th, would be his last on Live. For fans, it’s hard to imagine ol’ Reeg won’t just keep plugging along forever. But in truth his exit is probably well-timed. He’s been taking more and more time off from the show and letting guest co-hosts sit in with Kelly Ripa. Now the guessing games begin: Who will replace him? Disney/ABC immediately made it clear that the show format will remain the same, which probably means that Ripa will be paired with a new male partner. There could be a lengthy search process, like the one that brought us Ripa herself, but we’ve decided to speed things up since there are already plenty of candidates. Not sure which one to root for? Our handy Select-o-Matic is here to help.