This Woman Could Be a Senator’s Wife


Nick Loeb, the “tall and handsome scion to New York’s Loeb Rhoades banking fortune,” had to abandon his U.S. Senate run in Florida in 2009 because his wife left him. He felt it was unfair to conduct a campaign while dealing with such personal turmoil, so he paid back all his donors (out of his own pocket) and called off the run. Fellow studly Republican Marco Rubio ended up winning that race, and Loeb was further sidelined when he was in a devastating car accident in August. But now he’s up and running (or at least walking) again, and he’s considering another bid for political office. To run for Senate he’d have to face off against incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson, who was a U.S. representative for Florida for two decades and is a former astronaut. But the best thing about Loeb, of course, is Sofia Vergara, the Golden Globe–nominated star of Modern Family. Though the two say they’re not engaged, they’ve been dating for some time now. She is apparently wildly popular among south Florida’s Latin community and would be a huge asset to his campaign.

Yes, just one huge asset. C’mon, guys. My words are down here.

Sofia Vergara on U.S. Capitol? ‘Modern Family’ star’s boyfriend thinking about run for Senate [NYDN]