Times to Staff: We Built You Some Rooms So You Can Sleep Off Your Hangovers


An amused Timesian just sent us this note from an internal newsletter sent to staffers today:

Since we moved into the new building in 2007, one enduring complaint is that people have no place to go if they are feeling queasy or unwell and need somewhere quiet in the newsroom to lie down and rest. Good news. This week, we installed two six-foot-long bench couches in the employee “Privacy Rooms” in the northwest and southwest corners of the third floor tower. These are the small rooms with opaque glass doors set up in the original building plan to afford employees a private place to make telephone calls or have conversations.

Read: "We made a nap room for you adults." Now staffers never have to leave the Times offices, even to sleep! But seriously: how many media people would kill for such a "privacy room," with opaque doors and bed-like couches, in which to sleep off their hangovers? Or even better, conduct an intra-office affair?