Tucker Carlson Just Got a Little Excited, Will Let Michael Vick Live


Political pundit and Olbermann-tormentor Tucker Carlson has walked back his recent suggestion that rehabilitated NFL star Michael Vick be executed for torturing and killing dogs. Carlson, a dog lover, obviously, explained to Fox News’ Sean Hannity last night that he had just gotten “too emotional” and doesn’t sincerely advocate the death penalty for Vick. In fact, he’s “uncomfortable with the death penalty under any circumstances.” Later, criticizing President Obama’s call to the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles to commend him for giving Vick a second chance, Carlson added, “There is a line of several million rehabilitated people who I’d like to see the president congratulate before he congratulates Michael Vick.” Of course, Carlson doesn’t just single out any old dog killer for execution, either.

Tucker Carlson: “Of Course I Don’t Want [Michael Vick] Executed” [Mediaite]