Watch a Dude Ski Down Park Avenue at 40 Mph


Where the rest of New York saw the tsnownami as a mild annoyance, fatal catastrophe, or life-saving turn of events, 29-year-old Chris Branca saw an opportunity to relive his Boulder, Colorado, college days doing “a cheesy 360, or whatever” off a ramp on his front lawn. The Flatiron resident waited until late Sunday night/early Monday morning after the storm — until the snow was deep enough and the cars cleared out — then let his buddy tow him on skis from 34th Street to 26th Street, and then 28th Street to 23rd Street doing 40 mph. “We kinda pushed it more and more as we tested the streets, until we finally decided to gun it down Park Avenue,” Branca told Intel. “My friend’s amateur opinion of the conditions outside prompted my bravado.” Yes, that’s Chris’s mom who commented, “Obviously, my son has lost his mind!!!” on the video. But if they see him, no one tell Chris’s dad. “My father does not yet know because I work with him, and as the heir apparent, he would shun said behavior. But if this blows up, I’ll deal with him.”