What Do You Think Cameron Diaz, Bill Clinton, and Alex Rodriguez Talked About at Dinner Last Night?


Yesterday evening at Prime 112 in Miami Beach, an unlikely trio showed up together for dinner. Bill Clinton, fresh off of campaigning for Rahm Emanuel in Chicago, was joined by Charlie’s Angels star Cameron Diaz and Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez. What serious, personal things do you think they opened up to one another about?

A) Did A-Rod share his feelings about the steroid-injection accusations that darkened his many home-run records in recent years?
B) Did Cameron Diaz lament the failure of her much-hyped but poorly received movie The Box, which was supposed to be a breakthrough dramatic role for her?
C) Did Clinton bemoan his long empty days out of office, while his now-powerful wife exerts her influence in all corners of the world?

Oh, who are we kidding? Look at that picture up there. Sure, the words injections, box, rod, long, and powerful may have been involved, but not in those contexts, and not in that order.

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