What Does Martha Stewart Do When She Gets Too Much Stuff?


I love that! I’ve never seen a rooster quilt before,” said Martha Stewart, snapping a photo of a wall-size rooster depicted in so many fabric squares Wednesday night at the American Antiques Show gala to benefit the American Folk Museum. Camera in hand, Stewart was zooming around Metropolitan Pavilion looking for ideas, though she was open to picking up antiques that struck her fancy. “I’m not a collector. I’m an accumulator,” she said. “A collector has a modus operandi, and I just accumulate things I like.” Does she need more stuff, we asked, innocently. “Of course! I always need more stuff.” But how does she make room for it all? “I build a house! What a silly question.” Stewart turned to her fellow antique lovers. “She asked if I need more stuff. Don’t we all need more stuff?” Like a Greek chorus, they cried “Yes!”

Stewart”s lip bore a flesh-colored bandage over the nine stitches she had to get when her French bulldog Francesca head-butted her the Daily Wag, so as Stewart moved from booth to booth, we asked if any of her other animals were showing a proclivity for blogging. She told us that she expected her new chow, G.K., or Genghis Khan, would be a natural. Why? Because he’s friendly and he likes people more than Francesca and Sharkey (who are more into objects and other animals), but mostly it’s because dogs are just naturally good at blogging. Stewart explained: “Cats are too lazy. They sleep a lot. But dogs work. Those Frenchies really work. Yesterday they did three blogs! They did! I go home and check up how they are and they were out doing three blogs yesterday. I’m not kidding.” We were about to ask her whether her horses seemed interested in social media, too, but as fast as you can say “pewter bust of FDR” she was gone.