Woman Torn Between Unpaid Historical-Fiction Blogging and Job at Chase


In the light of day, she was your everyday JPMorgan Chase business analyst. But by night, she existed in the shady online underworld of historical fiction writing. Fifty-year-old New Jersey resident Marilyn Tagocon, seeing nothing wrong with this picture, mistakenly let slip to her bosses that she spends her spare time — gasp — blogging, and sometimes self-publishing her work. The company’s code of conduct apparently restricts employees from posting “online personal speeches,” so Tagocon went to human resources to make sure she was in the clear. That’s when she was told “It’s your job, or your historical-fiction blogging.”

In a lawsuit, she now claims that after sticking with the blog, she was subsequently canned from her paid job. Unfortunately, she wrote under a pseudonym and the pen name hasn’t leaked yet, so a tip to Marilyn Tagocon: Now would be a good time to promote the writing that allegedly got you fired! It’s the most newsworthy an anonymous historical-fiction blog has been in a while.

Bank’s blogger booted [NYP]