Waldorf Astoria Bedbugs Drove Woman to Madness


Unlike the last two people who have filed suit against the Waldorf Astoria hotel, claiming they were attacked by bedbugs in their sleep, Svetlana Tendler did not bring the critters back to her home in Michigan. Her fate was worse. Not only did she suffer a "fungal face infection" and — good god — "severe facial folliculitis" related to the bites, but it ruined her vacation to Bermuda. And it also drove her insane.

"For the last 3 years I tried to recover from the bed bugs incident and forget about it," Tendler says. "But I felt like something very important was taken from my life that night and was never returned. I felt like I was eaten alive by bed bugs which have attacked my body." Her lawyer adds, "My client is terrified of staying at hotels after the incident and always carries bed bug spray, a magnifying glass and a flashlight to help her locate bed bugs whenever she is forced to stay at hotels. Mrs. Tendler developed anxiety and sleep disorders. She is always scared that she might bring bed bugs back to her family home after staying at a hotel.""

Heaven help her. All the money in the world can't make up for that kind of psychological damage. Or can it?

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