Alert: Adorable Old Dog Rescued by Dolphins. We Repeat: Dog. Rescued. By. Dolphins.


Remember that time a bear rode a horse in China and it filled us with terror? Well, today we bring you a story of animal collaboration that will fill you with joy — which might be much-needed in a week when it seems like a large section of the Eastern hemisphere is going straight to hell. Earlier this week, an eleven-year-old Doberman named Turbo escaped from his yard and plunged into a canal in Marco Island in Florida. Since the vertical walls of the canal are high, Turbo couldn’t get out, and was forced to tread water against the current for over half a day. Nobody noticed him until, fifteen hours into his ordeal, a lady living nearby heard strange splashing. It wasn’t Turbo, who by that time was exhausted. It was a pod of dolphins who had found him and were staying with him, splashing loudly until they received human attention. The neighbor jumped into the canal and fished him out. When owner Cindy Burnett was joyfully reunited with her pooped pet, she fretted that he had been alone and scared for so long. “No,” the unnamed rescuer told her. “The dolphins were with him.”

Dolphins help save tired dog stuck in canal [NBC-2 via Village Voice]