Editor Nearly Ruins Dana Milbank’s Palin Quest


Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank had promised that starting on February 1, he would "not mention Sarah Palin — in print, online or on television — for one month." Yet yesterday afternoon, posting video of an interview he did with ABC News' online show Topline, Milbank wrote:

I survived Day One of my February Sarah Palin moratorium, defeating the evil plans of ABC News's Rick Klein. Only 27 days to go...

Whoops! Pretty sure that counts as "mentioning." OR DOES IT?

Update, 12:35, Feb. 2: The sentence as written above was posted by an editor, not Dana. So Dana's moratorium remains intact.

Watch out, Milbank. Palin has clearly infiltrated the Post newsroom. She does not want you to succeed.

Day one of the Sarah Palin moratorium [PostPartisan/WP]