Someone Named Jonathon the Impaler Sharkey Is Running for President


While America waits with bated breath for Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, and about two dozen other Republicans to decide whether to run for president this year, OpenSecrets has discovered that 85 candidates have already filed with the Federal Elections Commission. The only one you may have heard of before is Randall Terry, the pro-life activist who has said he hopes to use a Democratic primary run to “expose the genocide Obama promotes in America and around the world.” Other, even lesser-known candidates with fake-sounding names include Rutherford Burt Hayes, Jeff Howard Taft Davis, Jonathon the Impaler Sharkey, and finally, someone who will never claim he’s for smaller government, President Emperor Caesar.

The Real Presidential Candidates, Political Football Continues and More in Capital Eye Opener: February 7 [OpenSecrets Blog via Political Wire]