Archbishop Timothy Dolan Did Not Hide $130 Million to Avoid Paying Off Sex-Abuse Settlements, Says Archbishop Timothy Dolan


New York’s archbishop, Timothy Dolan, lapsed into the third person on Sunday after mass when asked about allegations that he hid away $130 million at his last job in order to avoid paying off victims of sex abuse by priests. He’s accused by a Milwaukee attorney of funneling the funds to side causes while he served as archbishop of that diocese, causing the church there to go bankrupt rather than give the funds out to those who won some twenty lawsuits. “To think there was $130 million in hidden funds, like Dolan’s got some offshore account in the Cayman Islands or something,” he told NBC at St. Patrick’s Cathedral yesterday. “This is just ludicrous. But I’m also saddened because darn it, I think the archdiocese has done a good job, and Lord knows, I worked my hardest.” It’s funny, a lot of people use the term “Lord knows,” but this is the first time I’ve read it and thought: Yeah, he probably does.

NY Archbishop Calls ‘Ludicrous’ Claims His Ex-Diocese Hid Money [MSNBC]