Are Powerful Forces Trying to Take Down Prospect Park West’s Bike Lane?


Prospect Park West’s new bike lane has all the controversy and intrigue that one would never expect from a two-way bike path. First came the dueling protests. Then Borough President Marty Markowitz essentially yelled, “J’accuse!” at the Department of Transportation for trying to turn Brooklyn into Amsterdam. Now semi-powerful forces appear to be trying to pull the lane asunder. The group Neighbors for Better Bike Lanes, which includes former Transportation Commissioner Iris Weinshall (known in some circles as Mrs. Chuck Schumer), says it “plans to file suit” over a path, alleging that it was proposed as a one-way lane and that the two-way version is dangerous to pedestrians. What’s more, the group’s pro-bono attorney is Schumer campaign contributor Jim Walden, “whose name was tossed around in 2009 as a possible U.S. Attorney, though the job ultimately went to another Schumer ally,” reports the Brooklyn Paper. Walden also contributed $4,800 to Schumer’s campaign last year.

Eric McClure, of the pro-lane group Park Slope Neighbors (apparently they’re really big on the neighborly thing), said, “It’s a small group of wealthy and powerful people who don’t like it. It’s really a shame; it would appear they are trying to play on political connections.” When will the madness end?

Here it comes — the inevitable Prospect Park West bike lane lawsuit! [Brooklyn Paper]