Come Forward and Claim Your Fleeting Moment of Fame, Mystery Subway Hero!


On Friday night on the East Broadway F train platform, an apparently deranged man chased off-duty MTA employee Sabrina Scott around the platform for reasons only a deranged man would understand. “Alone on the F train platform, Scott, 39, cried out for help as she scampered away from the nut,” the Daily News reports. “Her frantic calls were finally answered by a man who rushed to her aid and began tangling with the attacker.” Scott was pushed onto the tracks in the ensuing scuffle and was knocked unconscious, but the Mystery Hero — described as “a tall black man wearing headphones and a ballcap” — jumped in and pulled her out. Then he vanished.

Which is too bad. Humility is nice and all, but there is a time-honored symbiotic relationship between subway heroes and the media. We get to write a rare feel-good story about bravery and selflessness, a nice change of pace from the traits that usually make their way into the news — greed, hypocrisy, and stupidity. And the subway hero gets to bask in the accolades, do some TV interviews, and probably get laid. Seriously, you are not going to get any better pick-up lines than, “Did you see the subway hero on the cover of the Daily News today? That was me.” We know you didn’t do this for the ass, but you’ve earned it.

Good Samaritan fights off lunatic and pulls off-duty MTA employee from F train tracks [NYDN]