Obama Hoping to Win Every State Again in 2012


Before Barack Obama won it in his 2008 landslide, North Carolina wasn’t usually considered a swing state, since it hadn’t gone to a Democrat since Jimmy Carter in 1976. But with the announcement today that Charlotte has been selected as the host of the Democratic National Convention in 2012, it appears that the party is hoping to keep North Carolina in play once more. For what it’s worth this far out (answer: not a lot), a PPP poll last week showed that Obama is still very competitive in the state. He leads Mitt Romney by three points, Mike Huckabee by four points, Newt Gingrich by six points, and Sarah Palin by nine points. As PPP’s Tom Jensen notes, the GOP has “no chance at taking back the White House next year without winning North Carolina.”

Charlotte to host Democratic convention [Blog Briefing Room/Hill]