Diane Passage Climbing Back Up the Pole


Last summer, the estranged stripper wife of accused Ponzi-schemer Kenneth Starr was faced with a problem: The SEC wouldn’t unfreeze Starr’s assets, so Diane Passage and their 12-year-old son were faced with finding their own way to survive. At the time, her lawyer said she would “do what she has to do” to make a living, which we assumed meant going straight back to the pole. But she managed to hold off for a while — throughout the fall her initial strategy was to keep her romantic options open. “Billionaire is the new millionaire!” she told “Page Six.” Now, though, it seems like she’s run out of other options. According to the Post, she’s auditioned for an as-yet-unnamed reality show about … strippers. Forty girls have auditioned for five spots on the show (which won’t involve nudity), but Passage might have an advantage for having such a colorful backstory. If she gets the spot, she’ll have to go back to work at Scores, as the show will be filmed “behind the velvet curtain” there. In other news, the phrase “behind the velvet curtain” means something that doesn’t involve exposed ladyparts. Who knew?

’Passage’ back to strip pole [NYP]