Enjoy the Warm Weather — and Your Sidewalks of Poo


Temperatures in New York City have reached a balmy 62 degrees today. Snow boots have been shoved into closets. Actual wrists and necks are exposed to the elements. The last remnants of the winter tsnownami have melted. Now that the sidewalks are fully visible again, it’s become evident that they’re covered in dog poo. This will likely come as little surprise to residents who noticed unscooped matter and yellow stains sullying their snowy embankments for weeks. Enraged that city enforcers have been issuing less than two summonses a day, the Daily News’ Michael Daly suggests that violators be made to wear “a vest marked POOPER SCOOPER. The verbal abuse he would surely suffer might prove to be an actual deterrent.” The problem appears to have gotten particularly bad in some areas. Residents of Inwood and Washington Heights told DNAinfo their neighborhood has become a “war zone” of poo offering an unsavory slideshow of fecal offenders. Maybe you didn’t hear us. It’s 62 degrees out! Who cares what you have to step around if it means ditching the down coat?

Melting Snow Reveals Sidewalks Filled With Poop [Gothamist]