ESPN Gives Bill Simmons His Very Own Sports and Pop-Culture Site


Bill Simmons, the subject of fanboy adoration for his popular “Sports Guy” page and podcasts on is set to launch his own digital magazine. As a reward for sticking with the company that made him famous — and no doubt to capitalize on Simmons’s success on the web — Disney (ESPN’s parent company) officially announced an as-yet-unnamed sports and pop-culture site to be launched in April or May. Simmons is already building an impressive masthead including critic and essayist Chuck Klosterman, the talented Katie Baker, who managed to freelance for numerous sites (including Intel) all while working as a VP for Goldman Sachs, and — in the unkindest cut of all — Vulture’s very own Lane Brown. Lane, we’ll be coming to visit in L.A. so you better save us some couch space. [MediaMemo/AllThingsD]