Gang Leader Delivered Motivational Speech About Selling Crack on Rikers Phone Line


Fourteen alleged members of the 137th Street Crew were arraigned yesterday. While at Rikers, the suspects, apparently unaware that the prison payphone lines were monitored used easily decoded references like bricks for drugs, toys for guns, and chicken for money, although it's possible something got lost in the translation. But the most egregious act of self-incrimination came from accused leader Jaquan Layne, a.k.a. "Jay Cash," whose 16-year-old girlfriend, a former Deerfield Academy student, was also caught up in the bust. Referring to the first of the month, when addicts get their public assistance checks, Layne advised his supposed salesforce:

"Hug the block on the first. You gotta be out there in the morning. The morning, the morning, from like the morning. Just sit in front of the stoop in the morning. You'll catch all the morning flow ... 'Cause they'll all come see you, boom, boom, boom, 'cause that's the morning. That's their first high."

Wait, do actual drug dealers not watch The Wire? Or did they just watch the first few episodes and think all payphones were safe?

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