Gibberish-Talking Grammy Reporter Hoped She Wouldn’t Be on YouTube


By now you’ve probably seen the video of Serene Branson, the CBS reporter who started talking crazy during a live segment immediately following the Grammys on Sunday. Or maybe you don’t spend all of your time watching viral videos, because you have friends and a social life, and that’s okay too, we guess. Here’s what happened:

Many people suspected Branson had suffered a stroke, but actual doctors, after running three days of tests, determined that Branson had experienced a “migraine aura.” Symptoms include blurry vision, language dysfunction, and “numbness and tingling in the face and hands,” all of which happened to Branson that night. This morning, she told the Early Show about become an unwitting Internet star.

Well, it did. It had to. But don’t worry. Suffering from a migraine aura is literally the least embarrassing thing in any YouTube clip featuring a TV news anchor.

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