If You Saw a Movie Last Year, Chances Are You Saw a MacBook


Apple beat out every other brand for the best movie product placement in 2010. According to Brandcameo, 30 percent of last year’s top movies featured an Apple product, from MacBooks to iPhones. Nike, Chevrolet, and Ford all tied for second with placement in 24 percent of 2010’s most popular movies. Apple has been a leader in product placement since back when the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise used a Macintosh Plus to help transport humpback whales to the future. But its dominance has faltered recently as competitors like HP, Dell, and Sony — which is trying to substitute all Apple logos with Vaio products in all Sony Pictures films — try to copy Steve Jobs. Unsolicited memo to Microsoft: No amount of ad spend is going to make people start using Bing as a verb. It’s like giving yourself a nickname. You can’t just call yourself Killer and expect us to play along.

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