In Which Senator Chuck Schumer Gets Snubbed by Snooki


It was a moment made for TMZ: Jersey Shore’s Snooki is in the airport, posing for photos with fans (begrudgingly) and being pelted with inane questions by the paparazzi, when who should happen to walk by but … Senator Chuck Schumer! This will be great! We’ll get a photo of them meeting and maybe they’ll say something funny! Highbrow and lowbrow, together!

Except, Snooki does not care. As Schumer waits, she doesn’t even acknowledge his presence. Schumer leaves after a few seconds because he is a senator. A flustered cameraman asks Snooki if she knows her senator just passed by, and Snooki says, “Oh, really?” in the same utterly disinterested way that people respond to “I had such a weird dream last night.”

Snooki snubs Senator Schumer [44/WP]