Iraqi Prime Minister Will Not Run for Another Term


Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki will not run for a third term in 2014, limiting himself “in the name of democracy.” Revolts in Egypt and Tunisia played a factor in this decision. Al-Maliki, a Shiite, narrowly held on to the second four-year term he’s currently serving. His successor will be the first to lead without U.S. military help since the fall of Saddam Hussein, if American troops fully withdraw as planned. And on that note, al-Maliki also wants to change the Iraqi constitution before he leaves office to limit all future prime ministers to two terms. A day earlier, al-Maliki cut his salary in half, a move he said was intended to narrow the gap between rich and poor Iraqis. Also, in case he hasn’t made it clear to the Iraqi people, he would like them to please not revolt. Please! [AP via Yahoo]