Jimmy McMillan Clarifies His Positions on Gay Marriage, Ron Paul


Fresh off the announcement that he's running for president, former gubernatorial candidate and vocal adversary of high rent Jimmy McMillan showed up at the Conservative Political Action Conference yesterday to clarify some of his positions. Mostly he said what he will not be doing: "You talk about Roe versus Wade, we talk about hunger. A new game now in town. Jimmy McMillan is that game. You've been talking about the same things for seventy years. We're not going to talk about that. Look twice at your children. They have nothing. Take a note out of the page of Egyptians. They fought for social justice. They fought against poverty." More specifically, does he support Ron Paul? "Does Ron Paul support me?" How about gay marriage? "If you want to marry a shoe, I'll marry you."

Jimmy McMillan is an awesome Intel favorite, but this is almost starting to seem like when a previously unpopular classmate runs for class office on a rebellious, cavalier campaign that consists largely of railing against the establishment, and he's up against an arguably more qualified overachiever who's slightly less charming. Then the whole class rallies around the quirky one because it's funny, and he wins. Anyway, check out McMillan's manifesto, below:

Jimmy McMillan Owns CPAC, Supports Shoe Marriage [Gothamist]