Former Wikileaks Spokesperson Says Julian Assange Has an Army of Love Children


Julian Assange loves making babies, and he’s got at least four love children spread around the globe. That’s what former Wikileaks spokesman Daniel Domscheit-Berg says, anyway. Domscheit-Berg was privy to legions of private conversations with Assange where he detailed his ever-growing brood, and he’s written about them in a soon-to-be-released tell-all.

Often I sat in large groups and listened to Julian boast about how many children he had fathered in various parts of the world,” writes Domscheit-Berg in leaked excerpts from his book. “He seemed to enjoy the idea of lots and lots of Julians, one on every continent. Whether he took care of any of these alleged children, or whether they existed at all, was another question.”

Swedish journalist and Wikileaks volunteer Donald Bostrom believes there are “at least” four kids—the youngest of which is only six months old. And, an unnamed source close to Asange told Gawker said Assange’s whole kid thing comes from an innate sense of superiority. “He feels obliged to spread his genes. In other words, he thinks he is so good that the world needs more of his kids.” We should all have so much self-esteem.

Julian Assange Has at Least Four Love Children