Kathleen Parker Out at CNN Primetime, Eliot Spitzer to Star on New Show, In the Arena


Well, that was fast. Just this morning “Page Six” reported that Eliot Spitzer has been telling people that his CNN co-anchor Kathleen Parker would be “gone within a week.” Turns out, she was gone within a day. CNN just sent out an announcement that Pulitzer Prize–winning columnist Parker has left the 8 p.m. show Parker/Spitzer to “focus on her writing.” The replacement program, In the Arena, will be in “an ensemble format” with several guests joining solo host Spitzer every night. (Some new team members include E.D. Hill, the former Fox News commentator who got canned for wondering whether the Obamas’ famous fist bump was a “terrorist fist jab,” and Will Cain.) It’ll start on Monday. Parker, who will still contribute at CNN occasionally, issued a statement.

Here’s what she said:

Oh whatever, she hated New York anyway. Here’s what Spitzer said:

The MINE! was apparently silent.