Lawsuit Alleges Sound of Boss’s Voice Made Employee Vomit


In a lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Anthony Dingle, superintendent at New York’s Housing Authority alleges that constant berating from Demetrice Gadson, his superior, sickened him so deeply that the sound of her voice made him vomit. Less, “Ugh, that bitch makes me wanna puke,” and more running to the bathroom when the word Dingle came out of her mouth. He says Gadson became verbally abusive after he blew the whistle on her poor management techniques to higher-ups. According to the lawsuit, Dingle had to get a prescription in order to “get his intestinal system properly functioning,” he suffered from a bleeding prostate (presumably also related to the sound of her voice), and he was forced to seek psychological counseling to cope with the emotional fallout. The lawsuit, which follows a similar federal suit Dingle filed against both the Housing Authority and Gadson last year, also claims that Dingle’s colleague said Gadson got a kick out of the side effects she inspired, saying, “I did not know that I made men throw up” — and then laughing hysterically. In our amateur medical opinion, at least one side of this case has something wrong with their head.

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