Man Reports Own Car Stolen After Abandoning It in Police Chase


It’s been awhile since we’ve had a good Stupid Crime of the Day! Here’s a fun one: 30-year-old Staten Island resident Eugene Gilmore was pursued by police after an assault charge against his girlfriend. When cops attempted to pull him over one night last week, he sped away and ended up ramming his black Jeep into a parked car. Instead of giving himself up, though, he bolted. This created its own problem, of course — as now he was left without a car. So he did what any of our Stupid Criminals would do: He went right up to the police station and said, “Somebody stole my ride!” Police let him get through the filing process so that, in addition to unlawful fleeing of a police officer and leaving the scene of the accident, they could also bust him on falsely reporting an incident.

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