Man Thought Subway Would Be a Good Place to Share a Plate of Pasta With His Rat


We’re not sure what’s more unsanitary: That a man brought his pet rat into the subway. That he chose to eat an open plate of pasta exposed to the subway elements. Or that he said, “You goddam right. It’s my baby, she gone eat what I eat,” as its fur and whiskers nuzzled said plate. In defense of his behavior, he told his fellow straphangers, “When [people] in the house and they got rats in their house, they don’t run. They be like, I see motherf*ckers in my cereal again, you need to put more traps down.” Sir, we don’t know who you’ve been talking to. Perhaps the same people that sold you a carbo-loading lap rat. But when we see a rat in our cereal, we most definitely run. Same goes for if we ever see you.

Video: Rat Enjoys Free Subway Ride, Pasta [Gothamist]