Report: People Wearing Glasses Seem Like People You Can Trust


Some defense lawyers now swear by an increasingly popular method of getting their clients off free: Making them wear glasses in order to come off “less menacing” to a jury. Veteran lawyer Harvey Slovis explained, “Glasses soften their appearance so that they don’t look capable of committing a crime. I’ve tried cases where there’s been a tremendous amount of evidence, but my client wore glasses and got acquitted. The glasses create a kind of unspoken nerd defense.” For example, there’s Slovis’ client Thomas Cordero, a nude housekeeper who stabbed a client to death during rough sex and claimed self-defense. Last month, “overwhelming evidence” was no match for his glasses, and a Bronx jury acquitted him after he sported bifocals throughout the trial, taking them off as soon as he was free. And there you have it: Be careful around violent hookers, even if they’re wearing the cutest little frames.

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