Paul Haggis Has Heard From Some Angry Scientologists


In the weeks since the release of The New Yorker’s exposé on Scientology, screenwriter and director Paul Haggis has received lots of mail. That’s just what happens when you refer to your former religion — and the religion of choice for dozens of high-power Hollywood types — as a “cult.”

“I’ve been getting a lot of very supportive emails and I’ve been getting some really troubling ones,” said Haggis. “Some break my heart and some are just really angry.”

But Haggis knew what he was getting into. “I went in with my eyes open.” And leaving the church “was a personal choice. I don’t suggest that anyone else make that choice that I did. Mine was personal.”

Paul Haggis Received ‘Troubling’ Emails After ‘New Yorker’ Scientology Expose [HR]