Rage Against the Machine Guitarist Takes Signature Rage to Wisconsin Protests


A moderate Republican senator hopes to end the battle over unions in Wisconsin with compromise legislation that, after stripping unions of their collective bargaining rights — the whole brouhaha’s main point of contention — would reinstate them in 2013. But in the meantime, the ranks of protesters around Madison’s capitol building continue to swell, with a reported 70,000 union members and union supporters showing up over the weekend. When you take away the looming threat of their rights being dissolved, it actually sounds like it might be kind of a good time. In addition to the free pizza, Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello has decided to perform for the crowd as his solo act, the Nightwatchman. Referring in a statement to Republican governor Scott Walker as “the Mubarak of the Midwest,” Morello adds, “History is happening in the streets of Madison, Wisconsin, and I’m going to be there.” Best union conflict ever!

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