Ruth Madoff Turned Away From Son’s Memorial Service


Mark Madoff's widow, Stephanie, reportedly turned Ruth Madoff away from her son's private memorial service, forcing the "first lady of fraud" to sit shivah alone. A friend of the family said, "She told me, 'At night, it gets to me — the shame, the disgrace, all the stuff that killed Mark.'" Ruth, who flew to Greenwich, Connecticut, after Mark's suicide last December, has tried to evade scrutiny in Florida, dying her hair red and living under her maiden name. According to People magazine, the source of the rift between Ruth and her sons, besides picking Bernie Madoff as their father, stems from an incident that happened in 2009. When the house of Ponzi cards collapsed, Mark and his brother, Andrew, forced Ruth to decide between them or her husband.

Ruth, 69, chose her cherished sons, the source said — until Bernie Madoff was beaten in prison in 2009. She returned to the 72-year-old swindler's side, infuriating the two sons, who cut her out of their lives.

In New York Magazine's 2009 feature about the vitriol-inspiring Lady Madoff, a childhood friend, who attended Ruth's 50th high school reunion a month before the arrest, said, “They were a couple since I knew them. I never knew Ruth without Bernie; it’s like bacon and eggs.” Maybe more like bacon and rotten eggs, whose stench is ruining everything else on your plate.

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