Sarah Palin Despises Newt Gingrich


There are a lot of interesting tidbits to be found in the tell-all penned by Frank Bailey, an aide to Sarah Palin while she was governor of Alaska, which draws on Bailey's firsthand experiences and Palin's own e-mails. Much of it confirms what we already know about Palin — namely, that she's obsessed with her portrayal in the media, with gossip about her family, and with slights from her enemies. But of all the book's revelations, one that might actually be relevant/entertaining going forward, if Palin runs for president, is the nasty e-mail she wrote about Newt Gingrich.

Here's what Palin sent to her "team" after her scheduled appearance speaking about Gingrich at a fund-raising event was canceled:

“Yes, (Newt/GOP) are egotistical, narrow minded machine goons… but all the more reason God protected me from getting up on stage in front of 5000 political and media ‘elites’ to praise him, then it be shown across the nation.” Palin wrote in the e-mail.

“At some point Newt would have shown his true colors anyway and we would have been devastated having known we’d earlier prostituted ourselves up in front of the country introducing him and acting like that good ol’ rich white guy is the savior of the party,” she continued.

Yeesh. Can't wait for the next time those two try to pretend to like each other. Also, Good ol' rich white guy? In private, Sarah Palin kind of sounds like Markos Moulitsas.

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