Ted Kennedy Jr. Fine With Leaving Washington Dangerously Kennedy-less


Despite the absence of a single Kennedy in Congress or the White House right now — the first time such a thing has happened since 1947 — Ted Kennedy Jr., the aptly named son of Senate legend Ted Kennedy, announced last night at a dinner commemorating the 50th anniversary of his uncle JFK’s inauguration that he won’t run for Senator Joe Lieberman’s seat in 2012. Kennedy, a lawyer, explained that while he may pursue politics at some point in the future, he wanted to focus for now on being a father to his kids. A noble goal, to be sure. But that means someone else has to step up. Could be a Kennedy, a Shriver, a Lawford, a distant third cousin — it doesn’t really matter. Do we really want to just find out whether the federal government can survive without a Kennedy, after all these years?

Ted Kennedy, Jr. says he won’t run for Senate in 2012 [Hartfordite]