The Chilean Miners Smoked Weed Underground


The 33 Chilean miners who were trapped underground for 69 days last fall and survived, then ran marathons and made peace between their wives and mistresses, are heroes. But a new book about the ordeal by the New York Times' Jonathan Franklin reminds us that even heroes have their vices: Marijuana and porn were sent down a communications shaft and smuggled to the trapped miners in letters. This was initially great, but a few of the miners got jealous after not being offered any of the drugs. And according to the book, camaraderie was key in the mine:

One Chilean doctor monitoring the miners' physical condition while they were trapped said a donor offered ten inflatable dolls for the miners, but was turned down. "I said 33 or none. Otherwise they would be fighting for inflatable dolls: Whose turn is it? Who was seen with whose fiancee? You are flirting with my inflatable doll," the medic explained.

"You are flirting with my inflatable doll"? They really were smoking weed down there.

Cannabis and porn, but no blow-up sex dolls [Daily Mail UK via Gawker]