The Daily Columnists Will Include Dan Wolken, Soo Yoon, and Jessica Valenti


This morning Romenesko has probably the most comprehensive list of staffers hired by Rupert Murdoch to create his tablet-only newspaper, The Daily. Though the staff is under strict orders not to utter a peep about what’s been going on on the 26th floor of 1211 Avenue of the Americas until tomorrow’s launch event, about 50 names are out. Many of them are reporters, producers, and critics, but we hear there will be about half a dozen columnists. Apparently, the Daily’s bosses want to develop their own strong, youthful voices. Punchily covering gossip will be former entertainment stringer Soo Yoon. On sports, according to Romenesko, the Commercial Appeal’s Dan Wolken will be providing his own takes. And we learned today that feminist writer Jessica Valenti, who has authored several books, will write a column once a week on politics, family, and women’s issues. She’ll serve in part as a counterpart, under the direction of op-ed editor Elisabeth Eaves, to affable right-winger Reihan Salam.

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