The Tea Party Will Have a Magazine


The days when the tea party’s best-known literary accomplishments amounted to the occasional misspelled, handwritten cardboard sign are officially over. According to Fox News, a Christian niche publishing house will launch the Tea Party Review on Saturday at CPAC. Why a magazine? (Because the tea party already has a television network? Joke!) Because that way the magazine can include the views from various tea party groups from across the country. “We’ve seen national groups make statements, and those are taken as a statement from the movement, and that’s not the case,” says Katrina Pierson, who is a national grassroots coordinator and also participates in the local Dallas tea party. Asked whether launching the magazine at CPAC will draw controversy (because not all tea partiers are socially conservative), Pierson laughed the idea off. “Anytime the Tea Party is involved, there’s some type of negative feedback.” In this case, some will probably be directed at the $34.95-a-year subscription price. You know, guys, you can get the Weekly Standard for $39.95, and it comes out every seven days. Hell, you can get Guns & Ammo for $12.97!

Tea Party to Launch Magazine at CPAC [Fox News]