To Celebrate Black History Month, Anti-Abortion Group Buys Offensive Billboard in Soho


Life Always, a national anti-abortion group, recently unveiled a billboard in Soho at the corner at Sixth Avenue and Watts, half a mile from a Planned Parenthood on Bleecker. Under the photo of a young black girl, the slogan reads, “The most dangerous place for an African American is in the womb.” One of the group’s board members, pastor Stephen Broden, explained its significance: “During Black History Month, we celebrate our history, but our future is in jeopardy as a genocidal plot is carried out through abortion.” Huh. We didn’t realize that equating a legal (for now!) right with mass murder or co-opting black women’s internal organs as the site for your religious battle was the proper way to say, “Happy Black History Month!” All the same, we think we’ll find our own way to celebrate.

Anti-Abortion Billboard In SoHo Targets Blacks, Sparks Outrage [Gothamist]