Verdict on the Verizon iPhone: Same As AT&T’s, Only Better


Technophiles have been testing out the Verizon iPhone in advance of its February 10 release date (existing subscribers could order it as of 3 a.m. today). And the reviews sound unanimous. The internal hardware is different, but the phones function almost identically, except on the whole not-dropping-your-call business, especially in AT&T problem cities like San Francisco. “After a couple of days of use, the fear that normally sets in about five minutes into a connected call with an AT&T iPhone all but disappeared,” says Engadget’s Joshua Topolsky. AT&T still has the advantage of speed of uploading and downloading data. But they may want to rethink their unlimited-data policy if they want to make the snaking lines in front of Verizon stores look a little shorter. [Engadget]