Israeli Journalist’s YouTube Mockery of Qadaffi Rant Goes Viral in Libya


A satirical YouTube clip mocking Muammar Qaddafi’s megalomania, created by an Israeli living in Tel Aviv, is going viral in Libya and across the Middle East. The short's creator, Noy Alooshe, a 31-year-old journalist and Internet buff, said he saw Qaddafi’s televised speech last Tuesday in which the Libyan leader vowed to hunt down protesters “inch by inch, house by house, home by home, alleyway by alleyway,” and immediately identified it as a “classic hit.” Alooshe said the scene had all the trappings of an Internet sensation: "He was dressed strangely, and he raised his arms like at a trance party." From the Times:

Alooshe spent a few hours using Auto-Tune to set the speech to the music of “Hey Baby,” a 2010 electro hip-hop song by American rapper Pitbull, featuring another artist, T-Pain. He titled it “Zenga-Zenga,” echoing Col. Qaddafi’s repetition of the word zanqa, Arabic for alleyway. In the early hours of Wednesday morning Mr. Alooshe had uploaded the remix to YouTube, and began sending the link to the pages of young Arab revolutionaries. By Sunday, the original clip had more than 400,000 hits and had gone viral.

Alooshe has since received letters from Libyans saying that if the Qaddafi regime falls, the liberated Libyans would dance to Zenga-Zenga. Versions of the video without the scantily clad dancers have been created so that protesters can show it to their parents. So here it is, the YouTube clip of Qadaffi dancing to Pitbull that just might succeed in doing what years and years of legislation have failed to do: bring about peace in the region.

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