14 Pit Bulls Rescued From a Bronx Apartment Fire


Firefighters broke into a Bronx apartment Monday afternoon and rescued fourteen dogs from the burning building. The firefighters and a representative from the nonprofit Animal Care and Control of New York City carried the fourteen pit bulls — some of which were only palm-size puppies — to safety. Many of the dogs had cuts, were emaciated, and several required doses of oxygen. The owner of the unit in which the dogs were left has yet to be found and police were unsure if any criminal charges would be filed. Neighbors said they believed the man was breeding, not fighting, dogs. But another pit bull owner witnessed the rescue and disagreed. “I saw them giving the dogs oxygen,” he said. “You could see their spines and ribs — they had no stomachs.”

14 Pit Bulls Rescued From Fiery Bronx Apartment [City Room/NYT]