4chan Using Fake OkCupid Profiles to Lure Pathetic Singles to Times Square


4chan has been known on occasion to pick worthy targets for its “malwebolence.” This is not one of those times. As part of a campaign to launch an “involuntary” flash mob, 4chan users and people on Reddit’s 4chan forum are making fake profiles on OkCupid and other dating sites to lure what they are calling “forever alone” dudes to Times Square and film them on a webcam. The four-step plan starts with: “1. create a fake online dating profile as mildly cute woman from NYC–just use some chicks facebook to get several believable pics etc. etc.” Followed by “2. find forever alone guys from NYC on dating site, get them to believe you’re interested.” The flash mob, which we hope doesn’t descend into outtakes from Carrie, is supposed to happen Friday, May 13, outside the pay phones at 46th Street and Broadway. Just to get this straight, they’re advertising this plan on 4chan and Reddit’s 4chan forum? Where exactly do they think these “forever alone” types hang out?

Involuntary Flashmob’ Plotted for ‘Forever Alone’ Single Guys [Urlesque]